Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas tree shop- Utah County Photographer

I have been trying to document our life as much as I can this year without my husband and son going crazy. I am that crazy mother who chases her family around with her camera on most outings. The place where we took these pictures is right by our home and I drive by it every day when I take Connor to school. I had been wanting to take pictures next to Christmas trees ever since I saw this idea on pinterest! However whenever I had the time to go as a family it was way too cold to be outside. Until one day I stepped out and it was 35 degrees. Obviously the hubby wasn't home and I couldn't waste this chance... So I packed Connor and of we went. I had a look in mind for this particular shoot and although the coat he has on top in not very thick I can assure you that kid was toasty. He had so many layers I was worried he would begin sweating at any moment. I am constantly teased that I take way too many pictures of my son and I would like to address this by simply stating that if I had 5 kids they could take turns. But since I only have one for now this poor guy is all I take pictures of . I bought the camera specifically to chase him around!

Hutchings Christmas Session- Utah County Photographer

I absolutely love seeing this beautiful family year after year. They are the cutest little family with their handsome little boy.